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Japanese Cooking Fundamental Skills Certification Course: Intermediate

Target Group/Suitable for

・Those who want to learn essential to intermediate level of Japanese cooking skills.
・Those who want to learn a wide range of cooking techniques from sushi to classic Japanese dishes.
・Those who want to learn more advanced skills, including how to prepare and handle fish.
・Those who have taken the Beginner course and want to learn more advanced techniques, including fish handling.

  *This course is also available for those who have not taken the Beginner certification course.

Course duration : 3weeks to 3 months

Qualification Requirement

You will be required to submit assignments and take an online exam during the course.

Contents (Case A)

Fundamental Knowledge about Japanese Cuisine
Japanese food culture and manners
・Basic vegetable cutting and decorative cutting techniques
・How to prepare rice
・Basic seasonings and spices and condiments for Japanese food

Cooking Techniques
・How to make dashi stock (2 kinds)
・How to make basic soup (2 kinds)
・How to prepare fish and shellfish (3 varieties)
・Sashimi (3 varieties)
・How to make sushi rice
・2 sushi dishes
・2 simmered dishes
・3 grilled dishes
・1 steamed dish
・2deep- fried dishes

Qualifications you can obtain

1. Japanese Cooking Fundamental Skills Certification: Intermediate Level
*A certificate of course completion will be issued.

*If you have already taken the Beginner course, you will be exempted from the curriculum you have already taken, and you will receive a 20,000 yen discount on the course fee.


*If you have already taken the Beginner Course

Sold out

*Includes examination fee and certificate issuance fee.

Sold out

*Includes examination fee
and certificate issuance fee.